Nursing Major (BS)

College: College of Natural & Health Sciences

Degree Requirements

Students must earn a minimum of 124 semester credits to complete requirements for the undergraduate UW-Milwaukee degree. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 for all credits earned for UW-Milwaukee is required for graduation. The last 30 semester credits must be completed on the UW-Parkside campus (through the Consortial Nursing Program); at least 20 of these credits must be earned in nursing. The required courses are listed below. Students who pursue nursing through the Consortial Nursing Program must follow UW-Milwaukee general education requirements for graduation. See below for general education requirements (GER). If a student decides to change his/her major from nursing to a UW-Parkside major, the student must then follow UW-Parkside general education requirements for graduation.

UW-Milwaukee General Education Requirements (GER) for Nursing Major 1
Consult nursing advisor for approved GER6
The Arts
Consult nursing advisor for approved GER arts3
Select any course offered by History Department3
Foreign Language
Two semesters of the same language0-8
Select eight credits of electives8
UW-Milwaukee General Education Requirements (GER) for Nursing Major Subtotal20-28
College of Natural and Health Sciences Requirement
New entering students, and transfer students with less than 30 college credits, choosing a major in the College of Natural and Health Science are required to take this course.
UWP 101First Year Seminar: Natural and Health Sciences1
Pre-Nursing Prerequisites
ENGL 201Advanced Composition3
SOCASociology Course (Any for three credits)3
PSYC 101Introduction to Psychological Science3
PSYC 210Introduction to Human Development3
SOCASocial Science Elective 23
CHEM 115Chemical Science4
CHEM 215Organic and Biochemistry4
BIOS 105Human Physiology and Anatomy I5
BIOS 106Human Physiology and Anatomy II5
BIOS 190Fundamentals of Human Nutrition2
BIOS 202General Microbiology4
NURS 101Cultural Diversity in Health Care3
NURS 102Perspectives on Health Care Systems2
NURS 251Genetics and Genomics in Healthcare2
Pre-Nursing Prerequisites Subtotal47
Required Nursing Courses for the Major 3
NURS 351Professional Role I: Foundations of Professional Practice3
NURS 352Health and Illness Concepts 1: Introduction3
NURS 353Clinical Practicum 1: Foundations 43
NURS 398Health Assessment and Promotion in Nursing Practice3
NURS 399Concepts of Pathophysiology and Pharmacotherapeutics4
NURS 400Concepts of Pathophysiology and Pharmacotherapeutics II4
NURS 419Concepts of Evidence-Based Nursing Practice3
NURS 420Professional Role 2: Provider of Care3
NURS 421Health and Illness Concepts 2: Acute and Chronic Conditions3
NURS 422Clinical Practicum 2: Acute and Chronic Conditions3
NURS 430Professional Role 3: Interprofessional Practice3
NURS 431Health and Illness Concepts IV: Lifespan3
NURS 432Health and Illness III: Population Health3
NURS 433Clinical Practicum 3: Population Health3
NURS 434Nursing Informatics and Technology3
NURS 476Professional Role IV: Leading in Complex Systems3
NURS 477Health and Illness Concepts V: Complex3
NURS 478Clinical Practicum IV: Complex Care6
NURS 480Transition Into Professional Nursing Practice3
Required Nursing Courses for the Major Subtotal62
Total Credits129-137

All nursing students are responsible for checking whether they meet the UW-Milwaukee general education requirements (written above).


See nursing advisor for list.


Students must be admitted to the nursing major. See nursing advisor, Tallent Hall L-180.


Prior to enrolling in the first clinical practice course, NURS 353 Clinical Practicum 1: Foundations, students must complete a level 3 CPR certification program for health professionals. Students will be required to upload a copy of their CPR card to Castle Branch.