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About this Catalog

The UW-Parkside online catalog represents the most accurate reflection of curricula and policies available up to the time of publication. Changes that occur after the publication date will be included in the next catalog.

Individual sections/pages can be printed to PDF if needed, and there is also a full PDF version.

All students matriculating at the university follow the guidelines and academic requirements espoused by this document, unless they are interrupted by time away from the institution. It is important for you to understand curricular requirements, institutional policies and procedures.  Advisors are available to help you understand these requirements.  Any curriculum changes will be reflected in your advisement report, which makes it the most up to date source of information.

As a reminder, this catalog is not a contract, but represents announcements of general information, general academic regulations and the university’s academic programs at the date of publication.

Questions concerning the catalog may be directed to your advisor, departmental offices or the Registrar’s Office.