Environmental Sustainability Certificate

College: College of Natural & Health Sciences

Requirements for the Environmental Sustainability Certificate

The Environmental Sustainability online certificate is available to undergraduate students as well as to non-degree-seeking students. Students applying to the certificate program must meet the course prerequisites for the courses listed in the certificate program. Admission to the certificate program is not the same as admission to the bachelor of science in sustainable management (SMGT) degree program. To be admitted to the SMGT degree program, students must follow the admissions processes of degree-seeking students and meet the requirements for the SMGT degree program. Students who complete courses in a certificate program and are later admitted to the SMGT degree program can use the credits earned in the certificate program toward the degree.

SMGT 305Climate Change and Sustainability3
SMGT 310Ecology for Sustainable Management3
SMGT 320Renewable Energy for Sustainable Management3
SMGT 325Natural Resource Management3
Total Credits12