Psychology Minor

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College: College of Natural & Health Sciences

Requirements for the Psychology Minor

The minor program offers an organized curriculum for students who wish to develop a core understanding of psychology. The minor is not meant for students whose primary interest is the study of psychology. Instead, it is a complement to other fields of study where knowledge of psychology and its methods would be beneficial.

Core Courses
PSYC 101Introduction to Psychological Science3
PSYC 250Psychological Statistics 13
PSYC 300Research Methods in Psychology 13
Breadth Courses
Select two of the following:6
Introduction to Neuroscience
Cognitive Psychology
Introduction to Human Development
Social Psychology
Depth Courses
Select six credits of PSYC courses numbered 301 and above 26
Total Credits21

Minors may substitute an equivalent course in statistical or quantitative methods from their major for PSYC 250 Psychological Statistics. However, they still have to satisfy the 21 credit minimum requirement in Psychology. Minors may NOT substitute a research methods course from their major for PSYC 300 Research Methods in Psychology.


not including PSYC 494 Psychology Internship or PSYC 499 Independent Study.