Anthropology Minor

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College: College of Social Sciences & Professional Studies

Requirements for the Anthropology Minor

The minor in anthropology consists of a minimum of 21 credits, distributed as follows:

Required Course
ANTH 100Introduction to Anthropology3
Required Overview Courses
ANTH 200Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH 201Introduction to Archaeology3
ANTH 202Human Evolution3
Elective Courses
A minimum of six credits must be upper-level (300 or 400 level)
Select a minimum of nine credits of the following:9
North American Indians
Peoples of Southeast Asia
Special Topics in Anthropology
Topics in Data Collection and Analysis:
Anthropological Theory
Forensic Anthropology
Anthropology of Language
Archaeology of North America
Livelihoods, Exchange, and Globalization
Migration and Immigration
Environmental Anthropology
Special Topics in Anthropology
International Development and Change
Special Topics in Anthropology
Anthropology Fieldwork
Internship in Anthropology
Independent Study
Topics in Data Collection and Analysis
Total Credits21