English Language Arts for Secondary Education Minor

College: College of Arts & Humanities

Requirements for the English Language Arts for Secondary Education Minor

Introduction to Literature
ENGL 167Introduction to Literature3
Literary Theory
ENGL 266Literary Analysis3
Multicultural Literature
ENGL 267Literature of Diversity3
Young Adult Literature
ENGL 354Young Adult Literature3
Classic Texts
Required course
ENGL 320Shakespeare3
Elective course
Select one of the following:3
British Literature to 1500
British Literature, 1500-1700
British Literature, 1700-1900
Modern and Contemporary British Literature
Puritan and Colonial American Literature
19th Century American Literature
20th and 21st Century American Literature
Pre-1800 World Literature
Post-1800 World Literature
Teaching in English
ENGL 488Teaching English Language Arts3
or ENGL 489 Teaching and Assessing Composition
Total Credits21

Strongly Recommended:

ENGL 287 Grammar For Teachers and Writers