Human Resource Management (HRM)

HRM 343  |  Human Resource Management  |  3 cr

Covers the major functions of a human resource management system: acquiring, developing, rewarding, and maintaining employees; emphasizes effective, ethical, and legal HR practices.

Prerequisites: Completion of a minimum of 54 credits.

Offered: Fall, Spring.

HRM 441  |  Strategic Staffing  |  3 cr

Investigates recruiting, selecting and retaining an organization's labor force, in the context of the staffing environment (e.g., laws and regulations) and using necessary tools (e.g., statistical measurement). Includes community-based or SEG project.

Prerequisites: HRM 343.

Offered: Spring.

HRM 442  |  Training and Performance Management  |  3 cr

Examines managing employees to maximize job performance, including employee training and development, and performance management. Applies a systems approach to design, implementation, and evaluation to the processes. SEG or CBL project component expected.

Prerequisites: HRM 343, MGT 349.

Offered: Fall.

HRM 444  |  Compensation and Benefits  |  3 cr

Examines administration of direct and indirect compensation systems including policies, procedures, and legislation relating to individual, group, and organizational base pay and incentives. Addresses design, financing, and administration of benefit plans. Community-based learning designation.

Prerequisites: HRM 343.

Offered: Fall.

Meets: Community Based Learning

HRM 445  |  Diversity and Inclusion in Organizations  |  3 cr

Explores the application and implication of diversity to management activities. Includes issues related to discrimination, affirmative action, career development, socialization, and social change policies. Highlights historical, psychological, sociological, legal, and managerial viewpoints.

Prerequisites: HRM 343.

Offered: Spring.

HRM 490  |  Special Topics in Human Resource Management  |  1-3 cr

Selected topics in human resource management. Subject varies; see current course schedule.

Prerequisites: Dependent on subject matter; junior standing, business major or minor.

Offered: Occasionally.

HRM 494  |  Internship  |  1-3 cr

Designed to provide actual or quasi on-the-job learning experiences in which a student works with a single sponsoring organization in either the public or private sector under the supervision of a faculty member. Credit/no-credit grading basis.

Prerequisites: As provided in guidelines and policies available in Business Department; consent of instructor; department chair approval.

Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer.

HRM 499  |  Independent Study  |  1-3 cr

Designed to provide qualified students with an opportunity to conduct research projects in an appropriate area of human resource management under the supervision of a faculty member. Six hours credit maximum.

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor and department chair.

Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer.