Health and Wellness (HLTH)

HLTH 270  |  Lifetime Wellness  |  3 cr

Provides necessary knowledge and skills to develop a personal fitness/wellness program and to achieve greater lifelong health and wellness. Requires workouts outside of the scheduled class period.

Prerequisites: None.

Offered: Fall, Spring.

Meets: Social & Behavioral Science: HKSM

HLTH 280  |  Nutrition for Wellness  |  3 cr

Develops an understanding of the interaction of good nutrition and wellness. Focuses on nutritional strategies to maximize health including the needs and considers responses of special populations to diet.

Prerequisites: None.

Offered: Fall, Spring.

Meets: Natural Science: HKSM

HLTH 321  |  Women's Health Issues  |  3 cr

Provides a comprehensive overview of critical, contemporary women's health topics and a framework for informed personal and social health decision-making. Includes health status and implications, nutrition and fitness; sexuality and reproductive health; violence in women's lives; heath of women across the life span; chronic diseases; and substance use/abuse issues.

Prerequisites: At least sophomore standing.

Offered: Occasionally.

HLTH 330  |  Exercise Leadership and Management  |  3 cr

Explores the theory and practice of leading and managing exercise science programs. Community-based learning designation.

Prerequisites: Junior/senior standing.

Offered: Yearly.

Meets: Community Based Learning

HLTH 340  |  Aging and Wellness  |  3 cr

Addresses the health needs of an aging population covering multifaceted dimensions of wellness the aging process. Focuses on biological, psychological, social, and political factors emphasizing health promotion.

Prerequisites: HLTH 270 or BIOS 109.

Offered: Occasionally.

HLTH 365  |  Personal, School and Community Health  |  2 cr

Examines problem issues in health and hygiene including pollution, drugs, nutrition, disease, sanitation, and personal safety.

Prerequisites: None.

Offered: Occasionally.

HLTH 490  |  Special Topics in Health and Wellness  |  1-3 cr

Examines selected topics in health and wellness.

Prerequisites: Varies by topic.

Offered: Occasionally.

HLTH 499  |  Independent Study  |  1-4 cr

Provides opportunity for independent work in health and wellness under faculty supervision.

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor and department chair.

Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer.