French Studies (FREN)

FREN D391  |  Represent Love and French Culture  |  3 cr

FREN D422  |  Literature Middle Ages-18th Century/UWM  |  3 cr

FREN 103  |  Introductory French I  |  4 cr

Develops basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in French. Lab fee required.

Prerequisites: Placement or no prior knowledge of French.

Offered: Fall.

FREN 104  |  Introductory French II  |  4 cr

Continues to develop basic listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in French. Lab fee required.

Prerequisites: FREN 103 or equivalent or placement.

Offered: Spring.

FREN 111  |  French for Singers  |  1 cr

To help university vocal and choral students gain theoretical understanding and practical mastery of diction in French as it pertains to specific, select songs and choral pieces being learned with texts in those languages. Does not count for credit toward French major or minor.

Prerequisites: Enrollment in vocal music.

FREN 203  |  Intermediate French I  |  3 cr

Reviews and further develops listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in French at the intermediate level.

Prerequisites: FREN 104 or equivalent or placement.

Offered: Fall.

FREN 204  |  Intermediate French II  |  3 cr

Reviews and further develops listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in French at the intermediate level.

Prerequisites: FREN 203 or equivalent or placement.

Offered: Spring.

FREN 290  |  Special Topics in French  |  1-3 cr

Special topics in French Studies will be examined. May not be counted toward French Studies major when taught in English.

Prerequisites: None.

Offered: Occasionally.

FREN 301  |  French Conversation and Composition  |  3 cr

Provides advanced training in conversation and composition with emphasis on acquiring communicative skills in colloquial French.

Prerequisites: FREN 204 or equivalent or placement.

Offered: Fall (odd years).

FREN 318  |  French Civilization and Culture  |  3 cr

Multi-media presentation and discussion of historical, philosophical, and artistic developments in various periods in France. Readings in French. May repeat with different topic.

Prerequisites: FREN 204 or equivalent.

FREN 320  |  Introduction to French Literature:  |  3 cr

Study of a major literary genre and/or a cultural/literary period of movement. Development of historical perspective and techniques of critical analysis through the study of selected masterpieces of French poetry, drama or prose. May be repeated with different content.

Prerequisites: FREN 204 or equivalent.

FREN 341  |  Teaching a Foreign Language  |  3 cr

Current theories, practices, methods and materials pertinent to teaching a foreign language. Off-campus clinical experiences are an integral part of this course.

Prerequisites: TEDU 210, TEDU 230; admission to TEDU; FREN 301; or consent of instructor.

Offered: Occasionally.

FREN 350  |  French Phonetics  |  3 cr

Theory of French sounds in contrast to English, combined with practical laboratory training in pronunciation and orthography. Required of all intending to be teachers.

Prerequisites: FREN 204 or equivalent.

Offered: Fall (even years).

FREN 402  |  Advanced Studies in French  |  3 cr

Studies in French language, culture or literature. May be repeated for credit with different topic.

Prerequisites: FREN 301 or equivalent or consent of instructor.

Offered: Occasionally.

FREN 475  |  Translation Internship  |  1-3 cr

Translation interns work with area businesses and service agencies to furnish translations from and into French. May be repeated for credit.

Prerequisites: FREN 301 or equivalent, French studies major, and consent of instructor.

Offered: Fall, Spring.

FREN 490  |  Special Topics in French  |  1-4 cr

Selected topics in French studies will be examined.

Prerequisites: None.

Offered: Occasionally.

FREN 494  |  Fieldwork in French  |  1-6 cr

Application of French in areas of community concern and in local business and industry. May be repeated for maximum of 6 credits.

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor.

Offered: Occasionally.

FREN 495  |  Senior Project  |  3 cr

The senior project in French studies is designed to be a capstone experience which offers graduating students an opportunity to bring together several aspects of their French studies and general undergraduate course work in the form of an independent research project.

Prerequisites: Senior standing in French studies.

Offered: Spring.

FREN 499  |  Independent Study  |  1-3 cr

Available to qualified students under supervision of individual instructor. Normally, no more than 6 credits of Independent Study may be counted toward the major.

Prerequisites: Junior standing, consent of instructor and department chair.

Offered: Occasionally.