Biological Sciences for Elementary Teachers Minor

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College: College of Natural & Health Sciences

Requirements for the Biological Sciences for Elementary Teachers Minor

Required Courses
BIOS 101Bioscience4
BIOS 102Organismal Biology4
MATH 111College Algebra I5
Elective Options
Choose one option12-26
Total Credits25-39

Elective Option I

BIOS 105Human Physiology and Anatomy I5
BIOS 106Human Physiology and Anatomy II5
BIOS 190Fundamentals of Human Nutrition2
CHEM 101General Chemistry I4
CHEM 102General Chemistry II4
CHEM 103General Chemistry Lab I1
CHEM 104General Chemistry Lab II1
CHEM 215Organic and Biochemistry4
Total Credits26

Elective Option II

Required Courses
BIOS 103Human Biology3
ENVS 101Introduction to Environmental Studies3
Elective Courses
Select six credits of any additional BIOS courses 200-level or above6
Total Credits12